Our Most
Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Website Cost?

The most common question we get asked. We have a rough guide on our services page of our prices but there is really no fixed amount. We recommend a proper discussion and finding out your specific needs so we can give you a better idea on what the cost would be.

How Long Does A Website Take To Build?

This can be an open ended question as you can imagine. Most timescales are done on a site by site basis, however, for your Small to Medium Business website with 5-8 pages, we look to go from start from finish in 4-6 weeks. This includes an extra week which we like to use for a thorough testing process with your site. Ecommerce sites may take anything from 10+ weeks onwards.

Do I Need To Provide My Own Domain Name?

We can provide this for you, or transfer your existing one to us as part of your package. Which ever you choose is no problem to us and easily manageable either way. You can check for available domains via our built in domain checker.

What Is Hosting & Why Do I Need It?

Hosting is the process of making your website visible to potential customers. Think of it like the piece of land your house sits on. In web hosting, this land is called the “server”. Your site needs to be hosted somewhere otherwise nobody will be able to access (view) it on the internet. Hosting is usually charged annually and we provide it for FREE for the first year with all our packages. Find out more about web hosting.

Are There Any Recurring Fees?

The only recurring fees with us would be any hosting renewals or domain renewals if you wish for us to be in control of these. Contact will be made weeks in advance off any fees, ensuring you are aware of what, exactly, we are asking for, and giving you plenty time to make payment.

Can I Make Changes Myself Without The Worry Of Paying Someone To Do It?

Yes, we can provide additional training of the content Management System we use (WordPress), for an additional one of fee, giving you the knowledge and confidence to make small changes in the future. More details can be found in our WordPress Training Service Section(coming soon)

Will We Need To Meet Face-To-Face At Anypoint?

We do recommend meeting face to face as it gives a better understanding of each other, however we have designed many websites were clients weren’t able to meet personally due to other commitments, and contact can be made constantly via email/skype etc. We can work around most situations. For more information please contact us.

What Is The Difference Between Template and Custom Design?

It is as it sounds. A template driven design is an ‘off the shelf’ design where most of the groundwork/foundations etc has been done. We can then strip it down and add custom CSS and branding to fit your neeeds. This has a quicker turnaround and is usually a cheaper option.

Custom Design is design and developing from scratch, essentially from the ground up. This can be an option if you have worries about other sites out there being similar to yours in regards to using the same template. This is usually more time consuming and costly.

  • 61% are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile optimized site

  • 97% of consumers use internet when researching local products/services

  • 48% of people cited a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business

  • 40% of people ventured away from a website if it loaded for more than 3 seconds

  • 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive.